Mt. Lemmon General Store & Gift Shop

Operated by Lemmon Rock Enterprises, Inc.

Only ATM for 30 miles……We Have Fresh Homemade Fudge….Your Smores Headquarters….We carry seasonal essentials

We are currently featuring our seasonal fudge – Carmel Apple Pie, only made this time of year and Pumpkin Pie Fudge. Don’t miss out on these 2 Fall Favorites.

Rose Canyon Campground (Mile post 17), Spencer Canyon Campground (Mile Post 21.5) & General Hitchcock Campground (Mile Post 12) are CLOSED for the Winter. Molina Basin Campground (Mile Post 5.5) and Gordon Hirabayashi Campground (Prison Camp, Mile Post 7) are OPEN!

The back road to Oracle & San Manuel is scheduled to be open until Dec 15.

Don’t forget, we now have that camping gear you might have forgotten!

Pima County Road Condition Hotline 547-7510

Welcome to the Mt. Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop, home of our famous delicious fudge. Here you can find our store hours, location, and phone number. We are also pleased to share some of the history of Mt. Lemmon and the people who live here.

We get many calls asking about the road condition and the weather so we have provided the current local weather and we have a webcam so you can see for yourself how things look up here. Here is the Road Condition Hotline phone number 547-7510, this number will tell you if the Mt. Lemmon Highway is closed.

We love to have visitors, since we are normally 30 degrees cooler than Tucson here in Summerhaven we see a lot of visiting people!

History of The General Store
Discover the history of the Mt Lemmon General Store and Gift Shop

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